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In our assembly we use different ways of spreading the gospel and we reach out many Israelis. We use gospel tracts, paper adds, internet sites and a personal testimony in order to reach out the lost. Every week we receive many requests for the Old and New Testament and other books as well. We send to whoever asks us the Old and New Testament in the Hebrew language and other books in Hebrew, free of charge. We get many connections with Israeli people and we invite them to our meetings and special events.

If you meet an Israeli where you live and you would like to connect him with believers in Israel, you can give him our phone and we will be glad to have a connection with him. If he is willing to give you his phone number or address, you can send them to us and we will contact him.
We have a good internet site in the Hebrew language that you can turn Israelis to
The Jaffa assemblys main site

In Hebrew language, this site is called: “atar hakehila hameshichit Yaffo-Tel Aviv”, which means: the messianic congregation Jaffa-Tel Aviv site. In this site you can read about prophecies concerning the messiah, the thing to come, the way to return to the garden of Eden and answers to common questions. In this site we offer free books and free Old and New Testament in Hebrew and we invite people to come to our meetings.
There is also a Youtube channel with videos in Hebrew:
We have another two sites as follows: - singles site in Hebrew language for born again believers in Israel - international singles site in English for born again believers among the assemblies

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 You can help us share the good news here in Israel - click here