Special events


During the year we have several special events in our assembly as follows: 

The Passover meal 
In the spring we celebrate the Passover meal together and we invite non-believers to join us. This is one of the most important events, in which we can invite non-believers to hear about the lamb of God who carries away the sin of the world .

The Jaffa assembly’s yearly conference 
Usually on the month of December we go together with the brothers and sisters in the assembly for a weekend in a guest-house somewhere in Israel. The purpose of this weekend is to strengthen the ties between the believers in the fellowship .

Friday’s evenings 
Every first Friday of the month we have the Lord’s supper on Friday at 17:30. After the Lord’s supper we have a meal together and then we have a short sermon. The morning after we do not have a meeting. We saw that non-believers came to those Friday’s evenings and we could share with them the good gospel.



If you want to contact us you can write or phone us

The Jaffa Assembly
P.O.BOX 8185 
Jaffa, 61081, Israel


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Phone: 972-3-6827146 
(in Israel: 03 6827146, in the Tel Aviv area: 6827146)

You can leave your message in English at the answering machine, and we will contact you.


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