The holy spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son. The holy spirits convicts the world of sin and causes men to repent. The Holy Spirit indwells permanently in all believers from the moment they have believed the gospel of salvation. There is no other condition for receiving the indwelling of the holy spirit. This is a different state from the times of the Old testament, where the holy spirit could depart from the person He came upon. Baptism in the spirit and the anointing of the spirit are the same and describe the moment when the Holy Spirit came to indwell the believer. All believers are urged to being filled with the spirit daily, which means, allowing the spirit to control their life. The Holy Spirit glorifies Christ, teaches, guides, empowers, gives the believer assurance of his salvation, prays for the believers, sanctifies and gives gifts to every believer for building up the body of Christ. Some gifts of the Spirit, such as speaking in tongues and miraculous healings, had special significance during the New Testament apostolic period and are no longer in operation during the present time.

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