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Ilan – found a treasure in a jar of clay

My name is Ilan I was born in 1973, and live in Tel-Aviv Israel
I found this treasure, and I didn’t have to go very far in order to find it. I found it at home

It was when I was a teenager at the age of 15. It was a very difficult time for me, I felt like there was nothing worth living for, even if I had all the things I’ve ever wanted. Lots of money, a big house, to be famous and have a wonderful wife. These things and life in general didn’t seem worth living for. I was tired of people and just wanted to get away to a remote area or an island, I was dreaming, and so I quit school

Every thing seemed meaningless, what’s the point of living ?What’s this life all about ? I was hopeless and depressed wishing my life would end, I even told my mother so

My mother comes from Finland and she believes in Jesus (the name Jesus comes from the Hebrew word Yeshuah which means salvation). My dad is Jewish at least a third generation in Israel
He doesn’t share the same faith as my mom.
One day I told her that it’s better to die, why suffer. She said
to put it in nicer words ” do you think it’s better after death?”, 
One moment ! could I be in a worser place after death ? , I mean this is bad enough ! doesn’t life just ends and there is nothing after ? My mother’s words made me think twice

Some time later I started watching a TV program which hadn’t seemed interesting before, The 700 Club
In this program people speak about their lives and how they were going through very difficult times and situations. They all had one thing in common. They found hope and comfort their lives were changed, some in a very extreme way
What made the difference was that some how they gave their lives to a person called Jesus Christ(the word Christ is the equivalent to the Hebrew word Messiah which means anointed priest and king)

The hosts of this TV program would explain that Jesus the son of God, and that almost 2000 years ago, he was sent to this world by his father the one who created the world
Jesus came to deal with the human problem which is sin. Sin separates our souls from God who is sinless and holy, even after death, and we all sin just look around you

So Jesus the son of God became a man a sinless man, to be the perfect sacrifice as Old Testament sacrifices were ought to be. Animal sacrifices were temporary and pointed just like many Old Testament prophecies to the first coming of the Messiah, to die as a sacrifice for us, thus taking the punishment we deserve and to pay the price we can’t pay, for our sins so that all who believes in him won’t be separated from God, now and after death
So when we’re still here he is with us and we die we go to the best place there is !, On the third day after Jesus died he rose from the grave, there is no body in the tomb ! 40 days later he went back to his father which is in heaven till the time is right for him to return and be the king of this world

So what this has to do with me ? and what about that treasure I was talking about ?, Then the program host asked the viewers to pray this prayer: ” Lord Jesus I know that I’m a sinner, I know that you loved me so much you were willing to give your life for me, and you died in order to take my sins away. I ask you to forgive my sins and become lord of my life. I give my life to you. Thank you for forgiving my sins and for becoming lord of my life.” And so I prayed I had nothing to lose, I didn’t feel something happened but I knew and was sure that what I prayed for did happen. I hadn’t checked weather the facts were true,I just knew Jesus was the Messiah the son of God, because that’s how my mom had influenced me as a child

I didn’t know what it meant and what it had to do with me, till the day I prayed. Later I learned through reading the Bible daily, that the facts were true ! This was and is the greatest treasure I found, a treasure no one can steal nor take away, it never loses it’s value or shape, this treasure is for ever and it’s the kingdom of heaven by forgiveness of sins. It’s the freedom to bring anything in prayer to God knowing that he loves me and cares for me

I don’t worry I have a reason to live, to live for his glory and to share about this treasure according to the abilities he’s given me
I learned to love and to forgive. Some years have past and I’m still changing and still have the hope and the peace of God in my heart till the day I’ll be with him in heaven

During these years there were some difficulties and failures but God has always put me back on my feet
I’m weak and fragile like clay but he is strong





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