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Prisoner sentenced to death but pardoned

Prisoner sentenced to death but pardoned.

There was a prisoner sentenced to death for crimes he committed. He waited for the day when the sentence would be carried out and he will be executed. He knew it was a just punishment he deserved for all the crimes he had committed.

Outside the cell he heard the sounds of a hammer and nailד, he went to the window and saw that the wooden pillar on which he would be hanged was being prepared. The prisoner was in a state of despair and he waited for the door to open and he will be called out and hung on the wooden pole.

One day the door opened and the prisoner looked in despair at the door. It was the jailer who brought him a tray with food and water. The prisoner was so desperate and he did not eat or drink.

One day the door opened again and the prisoner looked at the door. At the door stood the prisoner and said to the prisoner: “You are free to go out of prison! – Someone else died in your place!”.

The prisoner went to the window and saw that someone else had died on the wooden pillar instead of him. He knew he was the one who deserved to die on this wooden pillar and now he is free because someone else died in his place. The prisoner went out of his cell and out of the prison happy and grateful to the one who died in his place.

Who exactly is this prisoner who has been sentenced to death?

All of us humans are in the same situation as this prisoner.


We have all sinned against God and therefore we deserve hell.

It is written in the Bible: ” The soul who sins shall die.”

We are all like the prisoner waiting to be executed.

But God loves us and He did not want us to pay the heavy price for our sins. That is why he sent Jesus Christ, his holy son, to die in our place. Jesus Christ died on the cross in our place. He paid the price we had to pay for our sins.

If we believe that Jesus Christ died for us and accept that He paid the price for our sins, then God gives us a pardon and instead of going to eternal hell, we receive eternal life in heaven.

You must believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sins as a sacrifice. By doing so you will choose eternal life. God promises anyone who believes that Jesus died for his sins that he will receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven. Therefore it is necessary to decide to believe today. Do not wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow can be your dark day and you will miss your opportunity to choose life. Decide today to believe in Jesus as your personal Savior and secure your eternal future.

If you have decided so, feel free to pray the following prayer:

God, my Father in heaven

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

I want to choose today in life!

I confess my sins and ask you to forgive me for all my sins

I believe Jesus is Lord and savior who died for me and atoned  my sins

Please guide me on your way

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ


If you have prayed this prayer truly and sincerely God has saved you and you belong to God forever.