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There are many places in Israel where one can volunteer, but we would not like to recommend a place we do not know personally. In this page you will find two places where you can volunteer in Israel that we can recommend of. One of them belongs to believers and one of them does not belong to believers. Another reason that we recommend these places is that they are close to assemblies and you can meet the believers in Israel. 

The Eben-Ezer home 
Is an old people home in Haifa for Jewish and Arab believers. 

Reuth Medical center
This medical center does not belong to believers but we know it and we can recommend it. 

If you can’t contact them, you can contact us and we will try to help you.


If you want to contact us you can write or phone us

The Jaffa Assembly
P.O.BOX 8185 
Jaffa, 61081, Israel

email: kmyt@walla.co.il

Phone: 972-3-6827146 
(in Israel: 03 6827146, in the Tel Aviv area: 6827146)

You can leave your message in English at the answering machine, and we will contact you.


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 You can help us share the good news here in Israel – click here

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