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How I found my way to God – by Rebecca L. Messianic Jew

How I found my way to God – by Rebecca L. Messianic Jew

I was born twice in Romania, during the communist regime. For the first time, I was born in 1944 in a traditional Jewish family. My late father, was a tailor, and had a workshop for tailored clothes. He did not work on Saturdays and holidays, my mother would light candles on friday’s evening and buying chickens in the market and taking them to “smart” kosher slaughter in order to slaughter them. I knew that we were Jews, since I was a child

In 1946, there was a polio epidemic in Romania, and I’ve been infected, when I was a year and a half old. As a result, I got disabilities, my left leg remained weak and underdeveloped, and therefore I limp and have a weaker left hand than the right one. However, I had a pretty happy childhood, and in retrospect, it turned out that my disability was a “blessing in disguise”. In 1962, during the summer (I was a high school student), I went to a sanatorium were I was supposed to receive treatment to help strengthen damaged muscles. I shared a room with a beautiful girl named Adriana. Adriana was Fraflgit, both legs and hands were paralyzed. She was not Jewish, but I told her that I was Jewish, and she was trying to tell me something, but she did not speak clearly, and did not continue

One day few young people and friends came to visit her from Bucharest, and she introduced me to them. These girls, I met again later when Adriana invited me to spend with her the winter holyday. I came to Bucharest in 31.12.62, the last day of the year, and at night it was customed to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I was expecting to see people happy, eating and drinking, dancing and kissing at midnight. But what a surprise: the girls I knew before, came only visit in order to bless, and asked us to pick out of a box, a verse from the Bible. I got verses 5 and 6 from Proverbs Chapter Three:Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths
The girls went, but we had a lot of other guests, and when we sat down at the table, there were no alcoholic drinks, they gave thanks to God for the food, read the Bible, prayed and so on. I noticed that Adriana, my girlfriend, was watching to see my reaction. At night, when we went to bed, she asked me if I believe in God. I replied that I believe there is a God. Today I know it’s not the same thing, as to believe in God, one must be born again. That’s why I wrote above that I was born twice. I thank God for the grace that helped me find my way to him, by believing in Jesus, the messiah, the Son of God, the messiah that our people in Israel are waiting for so long time. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life

It was not simple or easy. I went back home and told my parents I met great people, with strong faith, different from ordinary people we know, but I was afraid to tell them that I started to believe. In the end they found it, and took it very hard. I was punished, beaten, even though I was no longer a little girl, but the hardest thing was to hear my late mother threatens to lose her sanity, if I do not leave my faith

But how can I  leave my faith, when I know that I am in the right way, God by the Holy Spirit within me indicates that I am his daughter, he helps me, even makes miracles for me! One of the miracles occurred when I wanted to find believers in the city I lived in, and I did not know how
One day I discovered that the student with whom I sat on the same bench in classroom studies (it was the last year of high school), had believing parents, and she knew where was the assembly hall. Her name was Sephora (Zipporah in Romanian), through which I was able to meet my brothers and sisters in faith. The problem was that my parents would not let me go, and when they caught me, I was beaten. In 1964, we received permission to emigrate to Israel, and my parents were relieved. They Thought that their “trouble” ended, as in Israel there are no people who believe as I do. Of course they were wrong. Before I left Romania, a believer gave me the address of a couple who lived in Holon. I wrote them I was in Haifa, Bat Galim neighborhood, studying Hebrew in an ulpan. They forwarded the information to a Messianic Jew named Rina D. , Who was living nearby, and she came to visit me. Rina took me to the assembly “Beit Hasda” in Haifa, and I joined this assembly, and I attended there until the end of the ulpan

I went back to my parents who lived in Ashdod, and again “troubles” began. Ashdod had a handful of believers, but my parents did not allow me to meet with them. When I did so, my father threatened to kill me, then I went to Jerusalem to a sister in faith who received me to live with her. My father came to the police in Jerusalem and I received a phone call from them, but even so I already decided to return home because it was the right thing to do, and that’s what we told the police. When I came home, I was amazed that my parents took me quietly, without shouting or threats, as if nothing had happened. Then, I got the courage and told them that I came back only if I can go where I want and meet anyone I wanted, otherwise I will run away again

My mother was frightened, she knew how stubborn I am, and the next day, she told me to take the rest of my available vacation days at work (6 days), and if in this time I will find a job and living place somewhere else, she will let me leave the house. She was sure that I would not find, and then things will calm down. And again a miracle happened! That same day, I got a phone call at work, from a good friend, a Messianic Jew, and she suggested that I will work with her in book keeping (it was our both’s profession), and to live a few days with her, in Ramat Gan, until I can find a rented accommodation. So I left my parents’ house and started an independent way

My friend took me to the assembly in Jaffa (then led by Brother Solomon Ostrovsky), and in the same assembly, Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, I am a member to this day. In conclusion (finally), my way was not easy, but very worthwhile. It is recommended


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