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Zvi – how I came to faith in Jesus the messiah

Zvi – how I came to faith in Jesus the messiah

I lived all my life as a person without faith. I have lived abroad and I got married for the second time with a Christian woman non-Jewish who was praying every night before she went to bed and read from the book of the New Testament

But as a Jew I did not give importance to her faith and was not interested in that. It never occurred to me to open the book she was reading every single night. I knew slightly Christianity by reading and listening to those around me but had no special interest. We tried not to influence each other on the subject of religion and did not argue about it

I returned to Israel and found a job, and one day on my way to the workplace for some reason, I got off the bus one bus stop before my job. I said to myself why you came down here? now you have to go ten minutes by foot, I walked toward the workplace, and on the way I met a woman who turned to me and asked: “Can I ask you something?” I replied: “Yes”. Then suddenly asked: “Do you know who this Jesus?” “Of course”, I said “I’m married to a Christian woman”. “And don’t you believe?” I replied: “No”. I believe that there is only God. The woman laughed and said: “Jesus did not believe in God?”

Confused by the question I remained silent. Then she said: “Would you like to get to know him better?”, “Well, why not” I replied. Then she handed me a brochure and asked for my phone number and address in order to send me the New Testament. I agreed and gave her what she wanted and told her: “What could happen if I read the book, I can just learn more from it”. We said goodbye and went each one to his own way

After about a week the book was sent to me by mail. At night when went to bed I decided to read until I go to sleep but when I started I could not stop reading until I finished the book. And found that it’s already morning and I have to get up for work. I went to work tired, but with a lot of open questions that plagued me all day. At the end of the working day I rushed home to read the book again despite of my tiredness, I was looking for answers to questions that trouble me and could not find answers.

A few days later a man called me and introduced himself as messianic and set with me an appointment at a coffee shop near my house the next day. The next day we met and he came up with another guy, we sat Having presented one another, we started talking on the subject of reading the New Testament that I received a few days before. They tried to explain to me subjects I was asking about due to a lack of knowledge of the Bible. Several answers I understood but the other things they told me you can get if you join a congregation, and after a while in the congregation you will begin to understand. Indeed, I joined the congregation

Today I am eight years a believer and I could not join if I was not called by the Lord Jesus the messiah himself. None of this was accidental and I understand that it was the outstretched hand of the Lord, which brought me to believe what I did not believe before. I realized things that concerned me all the time unknowingly, also my wife’s book that was lying next to me all the time and I did not read it and for that I am sorry

You should also try reading the new testament but with an open heart, and you will see the truth, and if Jesus will call you, you will not loose but only earn. Amen 


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