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Varda – found peace with God

Varda – found peace with God
My name Verde. I was born in a jewish traditional Moroccan family, we conducted all Israeli holidays and Sabbath observance. The holidays and Sabbath observance were kept because of my father. The prohibitions were tough at home
My husband and I are spiritual, we looked for the truth, we went to all kinds of lectures on religion. Also KABALA, we went from one rabbi to the other, read biblical material with interpretations and were very thirsty but did not receive answers to questions we had. The disappointment was great

At some point I suggested my husband that we become orthodox and join the group of Chabad which I thought are not a fanatical and have normal values, but he refused
One evening there was a knock on the door, these were representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses with their bibles, and they asked if there will be an end to the wars in the world? I said I do not think there will be an end to the wars. But they surprised me and said that it is written in the bible that there will be an end to wars and evil. This interested me so I wanted to know where it’s written in the Bible, so I started studying with them the bible


I must say that this was the first time I felt good and satisfied with what I was learning. I discovered beautiful things in the Torah, what I have not learned in school, nor in Jewish tradition. On the one hand I was happy, on the other hand the studies involved reading the New Testament which is considered non-Jewish and belongs to Christianity. And I thought God is angry with me and that he did not like it. As a Jew, I loved God, and he was very important to me. I refused to study the New Testament. But I realized later, while studying the prophecies of the Scriptures, that without the New Testament everything is like a building without foundations, which falls immediately, and miss God’s purpose. I also realized that this is the true Judaism with the New Testament. The messiah of Jews already arrived 
I got courage, I did not care for a moment what others would say about me, breaking the friendship ties,  family connections, as the joy was so great, I did not think for a moment about having to pay the price. The discovery in the bible answered me all expectations in life. I told the teacher that taught me I want to go on the roof and shout that the messiah has come

Meanwhile, my husband and I discovered that Jehovah ‘s Witnesses with whom we studied the Bible are using the Bible for their own benefit. So we decided to break away from them. I knew it was the truth that the New Testament that God made is with Israel, not with Jehovah’s Witnesses

When we pulled apart, I was missing very much the meetings, spiritual food and songs of praise to God. So I went to look for Christian websites to get stronger and continue to be happy. My husband and I found the congregation in Jaffa. We liked it as we found simplicity and truth which all men need
Today me, my husband and the children are learning to walk with God, thank God

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